The New Vault Pack!

The Vault Pack is Ready to Launch on Kickstarter

The Vault Pack has been in development for over 2 years and we are excited to finally announce we are ready to go live on Kickstarter!  This will be's first crowd sourced product campaign.  The Vault Pack is one of our most exciting projects to date.  It is the largest case we ever designed and the first product to enter the competitive backpack space.  


We wanted our pack to truly stand our and fit our brand identity at the same time.  We think our audience will find tremendous benefit in the features we've put into this product.  It is very modular and allows for a multitude of carry options.  It is also our most spacious case to date!

Key Features:

  • Large main compartment with felt lining compatible with Velcro hook material.
  • Back compartment that can hold up to a 15" laptop.
  • Detachable Straps.
  • TSA-compliant lock.
  • Hard molded shell for additional protection.
  • Vault Slip EDC Panel to organize your items on the move. (Included in the Loaded model only or purchased separately). *More info below.
Carry your EDC with ease!
The detachable straps allow for backpack or crossbody configuration.  They can also be removed so the Pack can be used as a standalone EDC briefcase.
Yes this all fit!
We fit over 60 items (using some Velcro accessories) into the Vault Pack.  It is quite capable.  It answers the age old question "Do you guys make something that carries more?" 

TSA Compliant Lock


Just like on the Vault Secure, the Vault Pack features an integrated TSA Compliant Lock.


This allows TSA to easily inspect your items should you have to check your collectibles.  With a TSA compliant lock your contents will less likely be disturbed.


It also is great to keep unwanted visitors while the pack is stationed at home or while travelling.

More Space More Function

Vault Slip EDC Tray


The Vault Slip is an EDC panel/tray that doubles as a maintenance panel to hold tools and loose parts while you service your collectibles. Included in the Vault Pack loaded.  Or can be purchased as a separate stand-alone item. Fits conveniently in the back pocket of the Vault Pack. 

Our most functional case to date!


The back pocket can also hold up to a 15" laptop making the Vault Pack versatile in function and practicality.

Designed to Travel


If you don't have to check in your Vault Pack you will find that it is the perfect size carry on!  It fits exactly underneath an economy seat on most passenger aircraft.


Bring your collectibles AND have some room for your feet!

This will be our first crowd sourced campaign.  The complexity of this project will rely on the support of the community.  We appreciate all of your support and we hope you help Vault Case make the Vault Pack a reality!