The V.A.U.L.T. System

As gear enthusiasts we can be a little bit into everything.  Knives, watches, flashlights... It seems collecting one piece of kit connects you with another.  That was the motivation behind the design of Vault Cases.  We're EDC enthusiasts too and like you we want as much of our stuff with us as we can carry.  The Vault Case was designed to do exactly just that: Carry a multitude of items within a versatile panel system.  Thus the V.A.U.L.T. system was created:






VERSATILITY: Unlike traditional cases made to carry only one type of item, Vault Cases are designed to carry different size items to fit all your EDC needs.  We tested it with a multitude of EDC items from flashlights, pens, knives, and other every day carry gear.  

ACCESSIBILITY: Each panel has a Velcro backing that fits securely to the inner surface while remaining easy to remove and replace.  This allows the user to better access the contents within the Vault Case.  Unlike traditional cases where the loops and retention system is permanently sewn or placed within the case making for awkward angles and positions of your gear; the Vault Case allows for an easy in and out of all your items when the panels are removed. 

UTILITY: Each case comes with two small loop panels for smaller/thinner items as well as two medium loop panels for larger/wider items.  This allows the user to fit a different size items within single case securely. 

LAYOUT: The Flex Panel systems allows the user to easily change out the content and layout of the case.  Traditional cases offer a very flat and obstructed view of the contents within.  The Vault Case allows you to display your collection openly since every panel can be removed for full observation.

TOUGHNESS: We opted for a thicker webbing material for the loop panels to ensure your case is of great quality and holds your EDC items securely.  The outer shell is tough and flexible to protect the contents within the case.    

We hope you will find as much pleasure using our case as we did designing it!  Made by EDC enthusiasts for EDC enthusiasts!